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Submitted on
October 2, 2011


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On behalf of dALinkSystem  I'm proud to present you a great collection of Linker's pieces:

:iconpinksparklesplz::iconbutterflyplz: :iconpinksparklesplz::iconbutterflyplz: :iconpinksparklesplz:

:icondalinksystem::iconlovesplz: :icondalinksystem::iconlovesplz: :icondalinksystem:

dALinkSystem is a Group dedicated towards increasing artists exposure by helping others and themselves through a simple and effective "Linking" system.

"Link another artists submission in your artist's comment box. It helps everyone's exposure and finds undiscovered art."

dALinkSystem was originated by :iconthefulkrum: in May of 2009. And he's running this excellent group together with :iconechostar08:
What began with a few "Linkers" has grown into a large "Linkers Community" of caring deviants,
who utilize The Link System to help increase their exposure while helping others.

GOALS of The Link System:

1. increase self-exposure
2. increase a fellow Deviant's exposure
3. discover lost art on dA
4. find potential friends (the first 3 are important)

It doesn't take more than a few minutes to Link :icondevlinkplz: :iconshakelinkplz: :iconlovesplz:

If you still feel a little confused I invite you to go through our :winner: DD Awarded :winner: User's Manual and the How To Link Video Tutorial:
The Link System User's Guide by TheFulkrum  dALinkSystem How to Link Tut. by dALinkSystem


Let's show some appreciation to our members and their Art  :iconmaxtess:

:iconcuteicondividerplz: :iconpwincessnaveera: :iconcuteicondividerplz: :iconpwincessnaveera: :iconcuteicondividerplz: :iconpwincessnaveera: :iconcuteicondividerplz: :iconpwincessnaveera: :iconcuteicondividerplz:


A bird doesn't sing because it has an answer, it sings because it has a song.
Lou Holtz

snowowl by Twins72 Linked to: Snowowl 2nd by MadHatter19689
Day80-1 by Sonorov Linked to: 2010-148 Juv Goshawk by W0LLE and Goshawk Down by Andrew-and-Seven and Day80-2 by Sonorov
Vulture by badnan Linked to: Alex by Kenaragirl
Together forever by Tourdumondiste Linked to: penguin by catchy-arts
LXVIII by as-red-as-fire Linked to: Dancing Gull by renes-pics
City Pigeon, Columba livia by Emma-Lawlor Linked to: Pigeon by FLixter

IN THE BLINK OF AN EYE by freezeframe666 Linked to: Take Out Time by Blueidone
Levitation by DelaneyLaFae Linked to: Hovering by SethFitts
Out on a limb by ashram77 Linked to: European Bee-Eater by noelholland and Just give me that bee by BogdanBoev and Rainbow by GeraldWinslow



I believe in animal rights, and high among them is the right to the gentle stroke of a human hand.  ~Robert Brault

MULTILEGGED BUG by CorazondeDios Linked to: Centipede by Nigeno
:thumb256763499: Linked to: garden spider by TammyLike and Cross Spider by indulgence-unchained and Itsy bitsy Spider by toshema and Hogna Radiata by GuilhermeAlbino
monster grasshopper by CorazondeDios Linked to: Julodis fimbriata II by ashamandour
I need your kissing. by Egil21 Linked to: I want your honey... by Kancano
it is a bugs life by MK-NI Linked to: Rainbow Insect by Ice-Beat

In Tandem by Akash21593 Linked to: :thumb57106826:
:thumb210412777: Linked to: Maya the Bee by WaitingForTheWorms and jumping spider 12 by macrojunkie and Wasp by Dark-Raptor


Love is like a butterfly:  It goes where it pleases and it pleases wherever it goes.  ~Author Unknown

Butterfly Resting by Fleurdepoire Linked to: A Black White Orange September by zenya
The Monarch by creativemikey Linked to: The sunny side of life by gold-rose
butterfly by the-arkz Linked to: Mull by Al-Baum


Humans are amphibians - half spirit and half animal. As spirits they belong to the eternal world, but as animals they inhabit time.
C. S. Lewis

Lizard by MK-NI Linked to: bogomoljka by biba59
Chillin' in the Chives by Pagan-Inspiration Linked to: Pickerel Frog by SHard-AcH
Home is... by liftangel Linked to: Down by the Bankside by kiwi28
Mr. Crab by automidori Linked to: Happy sea searching by BlueChocolatte
Great Smile by Egil21 Linked to: funny cat and dog sculpt.24 by catshome and Smile by deo4515 and Smile dog by Lilia73 and SMILE by Shantella


Life is life - whether in a cat, or dog or man.  There is no difference there between a cat or a man.  The idea of difference is a human conception for man's own advantage.  ~Sri Aurobindo

Hypnotizer by Abrimaal Linked to: 8 III by XSini
wild boar piglets by Twins72 Linked to: Cuteness by Dwaoviel
Alone Again Naturally by creativemikey Linked to: Squirrel by Sparkmachine
Horses by gold-rose Linked to: Purity by hakukamizaki
Guardian by ashram77 Linked to: Horns by StillAnArtistAt50 and Small animal - HUGE HORNS by Zanten
White Tiger by xxxsulaxxx Linked to: :thumb138076235: and An Image of His Majesty by moyan
Enjoying the Afternoon Sun by Britwitch-1981 Linked to: Lakritzenase by em-fau
Meow by MacsBlack Linked to: Painted Meow by Goddess-of-Time
Love.You by liftangel Linked to: Saphira - German Shepherd Dog by trinitym
XCVI by as-red-as-fire Linked to: Cat by gizely
EMBRACING THE THAW by freezeframe666 Linked to: EMBRACING THE THAW by freezeframe666
family trip by the-arkz Linked to: Family by runfromthelight


animals by vale32 HORSIE by Kelkis Bird of Prey by RichieSmith27
hanging by a moment by A-jean Baby Beluga by OrioNebula A butterfly by Thubakabra
Frog by vincenthachen Animal Abuse
Rain trickles down my furry cheeks
Mixing with my salty tears
I should've known all along
To stand up to my fears
Instead I lie here helpless
Soaking in my own blood
Waiting for the images
To be washed away with the mud
My limbs are numb
The pain is fierce
For death I am sure
There is no known cure
I shouldn't be lying here
Waiting for death to come
On this cold solid cement ground
My fight I should have won
Dozens of pictures
Flashing through my mind
And I attempt to search
For any pleasant times
Everything around me
All becomes a blur
As i continue to lie here
Waiting for death to occur
My eyes start to close
As death draws nearer
I wish I had seen this coming
Wish I had seen my life clearer
I allow the sudden peace
Take the weight off my shoulders
The weight that had once felt
Like ten thousand large boulders
Now welcoming darkness
I start to feel light
As I'm accepted by death
And leave behind this horrible night
I Am a Stuffed Animal Bunny
I am a stuffed animal
Sweet, lovable, cuddly and can keep you company
Silent, small, and shy, but still can make you happy
If you're down, I can cheer you up
Little children are my best friends  
Thrown away into the closet is my fear

:icontruesmiles:  GOODIES   :icontruesmiles:

:icondevlinkplz:   dALinkSystem Love by shesgonepostal :clap:

Greasemonkey Script for DA Link System:
DA Link System Greasemonkey by Metalelf0

dALinkSystem-Promotion Stamp by marthig DA Link System by FireFlyExposed Linker Stamp by gold-rose :iconshakelinkplz:

The Link System Stamp1 by TheFulkrum  dA-Link-System Stamp by Annieta-Kr ThedALinkSystem by Annieta-Kr :iconthelinkerplz:

Thank you so much and show them your love, they all deserve it  :iconblushplz:

And of course: spread the about this article and these amazing artists :iconplusfavplz:

AND REMEMBER: GO LINK YOURSELF :icondevlinkplz: :iconshakelinkplz: :iconawedanceplz:

The Link System - COLLECTOR'S ITEMS – july…
Lit Linked: Volume II…
The Link System - 19th Edition…
The Link System - special edition: FUN AND VARIOUS…

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