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October 3, 2011
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Canon EOS 450D
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1/400 second
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18 mm
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Sep 8, 2011, 3:34:07 PM
Adobe Photoshop CS5 Windows
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Hellhound by Annieta-Kr Hellhound by Annieta-Kr
We were on our way back to the station in Firenze (Florence) when we saw this lady with this weird looking dog. Although he looks funny, it's just not done. The cropping of ears is forbidden in my country. They should forbid it everywhere. Poor doggy.



first of all: thanks Pelle and Stamatis, for the DD I received for this image. :iconsomehugsplz:

second: thank you ALL for your comments, faves and congrats. I didn't expect that this photo would bring so much reactions from so many people. It seems as if we cannot agree on the topic: docking of ears, tails of our pets. Do we do it for their own benefit or is it a cosmetic thing and do we make ourselves believe that it's necessary for medical reasons?
Anyway, everybody may have his or her own opinion about it. That goes for me too. I don't like it. I've got a dog of my own with hanging ears. She'd an infection too, but it was cured with medicine and cleaning her ears on a regularly basis. I hope this Doberman Pincher is well taken care of, no matter the size of his ears or tail (or the lack of it). Simply because it's the duty of mankind who let him into their homes. There is no better companion than a dog, I can tell you :)

Thanks again :iconthankyouplz:

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They're absolutely adorable :)

I support the :icondalinksystem:


Time isn't my best friend. Therefore I would like to THANK YOU in advance :thanks:
For your interest, the :+fav: ‘s and your kind comments.
Your support means a lot to me!

With Love, Annieta :huggle: All rights reserved.
My images may not be reproduced in any form without my permission


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Daily Deviation

Given 2012-05-11
Hellhound by =onyx2010Suggester says: "Tip number 2 in "Street tips from the Masters": “Turn your attention to the four-legged population.” — Ying Tang. And when you do you might end up capturing something like this, an image of a diabolical dog... Cannot help feeling sorry for the canine. Having ones ears cut must be a painful experience. Nevertheless a fascinating shot." ( Suggested by PEN-at-Work and Featured by StamatisGR )
Annieta-Kr May 12, 2012  Hobbyist Photographer
Animals can't make a choice, we do.
:iconbbqcharizard: people are so damn smart. that "weird dog" hasn't had his ears cropped. they're being taped. TAPED.WITH TAPE. they're still there. people do this not only because of breed standard but because dogs with floppy ears are prone to ear infection. tapping doesn't hurt the animal, they don't even notice it. mine had it for a while didn't care in the least.this dog isnt in any stress at all, his head isnt drooping hes trying to sniff that mans leg. jesus christ.
Annieta-Kr May 11, 2012  Hobbyist Photographer
these people are the reason i dont like to bring my dog anywhere. ignorance may be bliss but its annoying as fuck for the rest of us.
The dog's ears, they're cropped. In other words, cut to look smaller and more intimidating. same with the dog's tail. They normally have long slender tails and ears roughly twice as long and 1.5 times as wide as what you see on MOST dobermans, boxers, pittbulls. This 'Cropping' is done on most large dogs like the three I mentioned to simply make them look tougher and more manly. It is VERY inhumane.
ahah no. (sure some assholes crop them to make them look tougher) but most of the time ears are cropped so the dogs dont get EAR INFECTIONS. you still following me? good. the tails mostly are cropped for breed standard but i know some people who got the tail cropped because the dog is so big when it wags its tail it brakes shit. and is in no way "inhumane" as you put it. its like when little kids get their ears pierced, you think they remember that? hell no. and i aware what dobermans look like thanks. (also his ears could very well just be tapped)
BettaRae May 11, 2012  Hobbyist Digital Artist
The cropping of the ears and the tails is a standard of the breed if its a show dog. Rotties also have their tails docked. Several dog breeds, such as hunting breeds, have dew claws that need to be removed as well. They do this for their own good so they don't snag the claw on a passing branch tearing it off causing more pain then if it's done the right way at a vets office.
Although it seems inhuman it's really no different then getting the dog spayed or neutered.
DannieGirl88 May 11, 2012  Hobbyist General Artist
First of all its not a weird doggy its called a Doberman Pinscher, my friend has one and she did the same thing. They DO NOT FEEL THE PAIN. And if you haven't noticed they cut the tails off too, it only depends on what the owner wants to use the dog for. So don't say poor doggy when most of the time its for the better. Sorry this subject is always super touchy for me.
Uh, yeah, they feel the pain. If you had your ears sliced in half you'd be in pain, so why wouldn't a dog?

Funny how dogs can have nerve endings too.
RadiantStar4 May 11, 2012  Student Digital Artist
Actually, they DO feel the pain. But either way, how can you tell what exactly the feel or think? Can you go deep inside a dog or other animals' mind and feel it all and see it all?
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