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October 3, 2011
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Sep 8, 2011, 3:34:07 PM
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Hellhound by Annieta-Kr Hellhound by Annieta-Kr
We were on our way back to the station in Firenze (Florence) when we saw this lady with this weird looking dog. Although he looks funny, it's just not done. The cropping of ears is forbidden in my country. They should forbid it everywhere. Poor doggy.



first of all: thanks Pelle and Stamatis, for the DD I received for this image. :iconsomehugsplz:

second: thank you ALL for your comments, faves and congrats. I didn't expect that this photo would bring so much reactions from so many people. It seems as if we cannot agree on the topic: docking of ears, tails of our pets. Do we do it for their own benefit or is it a cosmetic thing and do we make ourselves believe that it's necessary for medical reasons?
Anyway, everybody may have his or her own opinion about it. That goes for me too. I don't like it. I've got a dog of my own with hanging ears. She'd an infection too, but it was cured with medicine and cleaning her ears on a regularly basis. I hope this Doberman Pincher is well taken care of, no matter the size of his ears or tail (or the lack of it). Simply because it's the duty of mankind who let him into their homes. There is no better companion than a dog, I can tell you :)

Thanks again :iconthankyouplz:

If you want to see more doggy photo's, you can take a look at these ones:

or what about this one
They're absolutely adorable :)

I support the :icondalinksystem:


Time isn't my best friend. Therefore I would like to THANK YOU in advance :thanks:
For your interest, the :+fav: ‘s and your kind comments.
Your support means a lot to me!

With Love, Annieta :huggle: All rights reserved.
My images may not be reproduced in any form without my permission


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Given 2012-05-11
Hellhound by =onyx2010Suggester says: "Tip number 2 in "Street tips from the Masters": “Turn your attention to the four-legged population.” — Ying Tang. And when you do you might end up capturing something like this, an image of a diabolical dog... Cannot help feeling sorry for the canine. Having ones ears cut must be a painful experience. Nevertheless a fascinating shot." ( Suggested by PEN-at-Work and Featured by StamatisGR )
WysokiNiski Featured By Owner Jun 8, 2014  Professional Photographer
noperson Featured By Owner Jan 19, 2013
so they still cut their ears off? horrible people
Annieta-Kr Featured By Owner Jan 20, 2013  Hobbyist Photographer
Torrent-Space Featured By Owner Oct 20, 2012


Go yell at the Puyallup Fair if you want it changed instead of sitting on your ass, telling everyone that they're wrong.

Or shut up and understand that not everyone is going to agree with you.

There are a lot of animals who are treated a lot worse then THAT dog.
He's not skinny, he's going on a walk.

And he's had flaps of skin from his ears removed.

It's a preference.
It makes the dog aggressive looking.

The dog isn't at an advantage because his ears and tail are docked.

SOME docking causes the ears to become dirty, and get infected.
Not this type.

Then again, BEAGLES have a lot of ear problems because they are BRED with long droopy ears that keep dirt trapped IN.
Evan healthy Beagles with good owners STILL get infections.

So maybe we should stop breeding animals in a way that causes them problems.

But honestly, it's not hurting the dog if it's done properly.



That horses are put under in sugrgery to have their NERVES in their feet BLOCKED to stop them from feeling pain so PEOPLE can ride them in things like jumping and racing? And that is LEAGLE and totally considered normal practice?

Makes sense, right? If there is NO pain the animal can preform.
Ultimately, though, this can kill a horse.
Vet's do worse things then just cropping animals ears.

So, by stopping a horse from feeling pain, his body is unable to tell if he's damaged something.
Short term solution to a long term problem that could kill your horse.
OR instead, if you had a horse you could NOT do dumb things to him.

Point being, since I don't have all the time in the world.

People are going to do stupid shit, you can educate them all you want but don't take offense to someone who is trying to justify their reasoning.
I would be opposed to this if it damaged his ear, if it made it hard for him to hear, if he got ear infections. I don't believe there are any medical reports on cropping ears or docking tails that suggest it is bad for the animal in ANY light. Where as in horses there is extensive research that proves just how cruel people CAN be.

Annieta-Kr Featured By Owner Oct 21, 2012  Hobbyist Photographer
Did you ask if I wanted to be educated by you? NO. I don't want to be justified by you. We are total strangers to each other, you can't tell who I really am or how I think of all the sorrow in the world. It's only the written word that you see. Not me in person.

Go and educate someone else or become a teacher.
Torrent-Space Featured By Owner Oct 13, 2012
Cropping ears is COSMETIC.
There is no medical benifit too it. In some cases it is actually worse.

The point of cropping ears is so the dog looks alert/aggressive.
It's great for working dogs who NEED THAT EXTRA scary look to deter people from getting on a property.
Some dogs have that upright thing bred in.

You could ask the same question though, about breeding practices.
Why do we breed dogs like bull terriers?
They have deformities that cause them breathing problems.

Bull Dogs cannot give birth naturally as their hips are too small.
They also have breeding and heart problems.


It's cosmetic, and I don't care.
Honestly, if I WERE a dog I'd crop my ears and pierce them so I looked a hell of a lot more fierce.

That SAID...

There are worse things you can do to a dog, and judging an owner because he crops his animals ears is stupid.
I am more disgusted by people who lock their dogs inside all day long with NO stimulation, except for a walk every couple of days.
It's worse seeing super obese dogs that have joint and breathing problems.
And yet people think this is love, and kindness?


Or, people who leave their dogs outside all day long, and let them in when they come home.

I'd like to see a world where dogs are stimulated.
Where they have a job, and a purpose.

Instead it seems popular to have dogs just to pet and walk on the weekends.

It's why dog breeds like pit bulls and rottweilers get into so much trouble.
There is no PLACE for them in many cities because they don't have a job to preform.

I for one, and sick of all this PETA, 'animal lover' bullshit.
I will be training dogs in the military/police in the future, becoming a veterinarian NOW...
I'm always amazed at how little people know about dog psychology, who have dogs.

The dog honestly doesn't care.
Tails are great for balance.
And ears are for communication.

**random fact**
Because a lot of pit bulls lack the ears as a communication tool, they cannot communicate as well with other dogs so it can be one of the causes in fights. It's a CULTURE. Different dog breeds have different ways of communicating. One of the studies I would like to write about in the future.

Either way...
Not having ears, or tail don't effect most breeds in a way like it might SOME and in many cases dogs are well behaved enough that none of this matters, however it CAN be a cause for some concern...


Educate yourself.
And don't be all pissy with people who crop their dogs ears.
I'm not pissy at you because you believe all dogs should be natural.
It's a personal preference.

Dogs who have this done are also medicated to stop the pain, and it's really just the removal of a flap of skin, no matter how you look at it. And some dogs have their tails removed because they constantly are getting them caught and slammed into things on ACCIDENT...some dog tails are like whips and are just bone anyways so it's a personal preference to have them removed.
Annieta-Kr Featured By Owner Oct 20, 2012  Hobbyist Photographer
Well well, I don't have to say anymore: spit it out. You already did. I hope you feel relieved now. You've written quite a story, although I'm not waiting for your opinion.

Btw: what's that for a disgusting photo in your gallery?! [link] Poor, poor cow.
Torrent-Space Featured By Owner Oct 20, 2012
'That Photo' is of an animal at the state fair. I go to state fairs and photograph all the animals. I can tell which are in stress. Things most UNEDUCATED people will not notice. Most people would think that how was just fine.

I goal of that photograph is a TEST to see how people react, in most cases, they don't.
Just like the birds in my scraps, are terrified and stressed being locked in cages. Two of the bulls near the end of my scraps were siezuring and with out water for hours and cows, being as large as they are need to be a certain body heat to keep from getting sick. Let alone, not be laying down as it crushes their internal organs. They were also kept from water and NO ONE did anything. Not that it would have mattered, as they were beef cows and I assume they would be in auction for top dollar for a fancy restaurant. And no, I didn't notify anyone, whether or not the animal was helped wouldn't mater. If it is common place, making a scene and being a righteous emotional idiot are not how you get things changed.
Annieta-Kr Featured By Owner Oct 21, 2012  Hobbyist Photographer
I have a lovely dog myself, from Greece, abandoned as a puppy and rescued from death by people who cares about these poor little ones.
Before we got this opportunity to foster this sweet dog, we had another doggy out of a dogs asylum. His former owners didn't want him anymore after 6 years. He was badly traumatized, they have beaten him, but we have surrounded him with love and good care. He was soooooo sweet.

I care about all animals and I have a big heart for them.

Well, you've succeeded in your goal: you got a reaction from me, I looked at your gallery and now it's enough, okay?
MARX77 Featured By Owner Jul 8, 2012   Photographer
Well deserved! Well deserved!!!!

Now grab your baseball bat, and let's go give those cruel people who hurt animals, a good beating. :nod:
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